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Simone Joye, Group Leader - LadyScape

What is LadyScape?​

So many women are stressed out to the max. 
We are overloaded, overburdened, overworked, overmommied, etc.

LadyScape provides you with an opportunity to pause and take care of you!  ​

We are annual "top shelf, classy, exclusive" retreat filled with luxury spa services,  "Whoo Sa" moments, serenity, and hosts/sponsors who cater to our every whim.  

Tired of traveling alone? No worries, you would think LadyScapers have known one another for years.

Our Group Leader, LadyScaper Simone Joye, an award winning humanitarian and nonprofit leader, has traveled internationally since she was five years old and brings you luxury on a budget.  

Simone spends hours and hours conducting travel research, speaking to travel agents, negotiating with resort representatives, and residents to make sure you have a safe and luxurious experience. Other LadyScapers join in and share with their network.

We want you to feel good about yourself!  

​As a result, LadyScapers realize the intrinsic value of taking breaks without regret, making friends with some great women, and returning home rejuvenated and refreshed.   

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