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Hi, I'm Sigourney, founder of The Essence, a movement aspiring to faciliate the ascension process of humanity as we shift into the Golden age: a new paradigm founded upon love. 

In African tribes, if you visit one of the local shamans feeling off balance or lost, often they would ask you the following questions…


When was the last time you sang?

When was the last time you danced?

When was the last time you told a story?

When was the last time you sat alone, in stillness? 


The Essence teaches people to come home to this simple truth.

To help people remember and reconnect with the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.


The wisdom of connection.

The wisdom of love. 

The wisdom of freedom. 

Sigourney is a healer, with a background in Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Energy Healing, Shamanism and Tantra. She teaches people how to connect to their own inner wisdom as well as the wisdom of spirit in order to self heal the body and the earth, to come back to a state of balance and harmony. And to return to love. 

Her passion is to teach people how to heal the mind, body and spirit using movement and plant medicines. 


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