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Signal City

This is the home of the premeire young rock band in LAs South Bay.


To say the least, the last two years have proven to be a wild ride for the members of Signal City, but not in the way you might think when you hear “young rock band from LA.” With countless shows and more than 35 songs completed to date, it’s clear they’re not in rock and roll to make their name as a party band.


New friends Cameron, Justin, and Brennen realized quickly after their first collaboration in 2012 that they shared a number of the same passion points.  As professionally trained singers, composers, and performers, the trio found synergy in not only their backgrounds, but also their record collections. With overlapping influences ranging from modern icons like Muse and Green Day, to classics like the timeless and infallible Journey, it was very clear that they found an opportunity to forge the ultimate creative outlet to meet their skills. The trio wasted no time completing their quintet with the addition of friends CJ and Cole, and the music flowed effortlessly thereafter.


The boys’ incessant need to create, combined with their fierce loyalty to the craft of songwriting, soon caught the attention of Youngblood Hawke’s Simon Katz, who saw promise for the future of rock music in their work. Under his guidance, the group fully realized their potential as collaborators. For the first time, they began combining all five member’s influence on all compositions, and stumbled head-first into their first collective epiphany - in a world ripe with homogenous pop culture, together Signal City has a very distinct voice. 


Together with iconic engineer Mark Needham fulfilling mixing duties, Katz immediately signed on to produce an EP of their most discerning and carefully molded songs to date, proving that passion and dedication win out every single time. 


With a little help from Signal City, rock music and the mainstream will be reminded in 2014 that at the end of the day, nothing is more important than the music. Watch for Signal City’s self-titled EP to release worldwide this Fall.

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