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Siempre La Guitarra

David is a guitarist who was born and raised in the NW and has dedicated his life thus far to the guitar. The name of the series “Siempre La Guitarra” essentially sums up David’s relationship with the guitar. Siempre La Guitarra translates to “Always the Guitar” or “Forever the Guitar”. For David, this is very true in that he has always had the guitar in his life, and the pursuit of excellence in the guitar world has been a lifelong goal. This drive manifests in many ways, including being a performer, teacher, and now presenter. These three areas all work together to create the best contribution to the music community that David Tutmark personally has to offer. In 2018 David accepted a position at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City Oregon as the adjunct professor of classical guitar where he also is the founder of the “Siempre La Guitarra” concert series and director of the CCC Guitar Ensemble. He looks forward to many years of serving the guitar community and continuing a musical journey in this new chapter! Siempre La Guitarra!

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