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My name is Shruti Vashist. I AM a Spiritual Guide and Self Mastery teacher. Although I use different practices and techniques in my work, I AM not in service to any particular Spiritual traditions. Simply to Truth. If you would like to know more about my work, you can visit my blog at the following link:  
This website also has links to my youtube channel where I share energy updates and Self Mastery guidance.  

The Earth and all things living upon it, including Humans are experiencing great and rapid energetic changes at this time, which is the dawn of the New Golden Age. Although we can always balance and shift energy at an individual level, it is multiplied manifold when people come together with the same focus. It is with this aim in mind that I wish to organise these events, in Service to the whole of Creation and as our contribution to the planet which hosts us, our Beloved Mother Earth. 

With each month and year, more and more Humans are experiencing Kundalini Awakenings through various life events that change their lives and trigger a new way of being within them. I hope in time these gatherings become regular for these beings who are choosing Divine Love, so that they too feel supported and share their journey with others on the Path. I Love you all and am so excited to co-create with you! 

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