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ShLanda Burton, Licensed Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator & Weight loss Expert

1st Annual Nutrition Boot Camp 2017!!
Are you ready? Many people about my secrets to losing 140 lbs naturally, healthy and keeping it off? I created this 2-hour Nutrition Bootcamp to give you the Best Licensed & Degreed Nutritionist reccommendations you need to lose weight through the holidays and beyond!
Are you tired of the Diet Merry-Go-Round?
Do you want to learn how to eat healthy for your family?
Suffer from Low Energy?
Tired of Excess weight?
Cravings beyond control?
Do you eat emotionally, when you are stressed out, bored or sad?
Have you tried to lose weight only to regain it back?
Health Issues that REQUIRE you to lose weight now?
Program Descripion: If you are looking for a new path on your journey to a nutrious, healthy and balanced approach to food and eating, this program is for you! The combination of nutrition education, support, daily mindfulness practices that only a REAL Licenced & Degreed Nutritionist can offer with a comprehensive approach to helping you transform your relationship with nutrious and delicious food choices.
You will learn to identify triggers, manage cravings and fully enjoy eating with awareness. By learning to pay attention to the effects of mindless or emotional eating, it becomes easier to let go of old habits and begin to form healthier more nutrious behaviors that actually feel better.
Learn simple techiques for eating that are proven to last you a lifetime!! I did it and so can you! I am here to help guide you!
Join me, come out and hear my clients testimonies and learn how to lose weight during the holidays safe, heathy and naturally! Seating is limited....get your ticket now!
3 ways to get your tickets now
1. Text message me at (336)422-6744
2. Send me your email address to get your invoice and link confirmation send directly to you for EARLY Bird Registration
3. Use this link to select payment method
*******************Share this event on social media and win the chance to get your ticket FREE!! ($99 Value)!!***********
Join me, have lunch and hear my clients testimonies, and learn how to lose weight during the holidays safely, heathy and naturally!
Eat Well,
ShLanda Burton, Licensed Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator, and Weightloss Expert

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