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Shillaw Methods

From 2006 - 2010, I designed and taught Licensed NLP Business Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification courses, along with providing bespoke courses into businesses and doing executive coaching.

Having observed and received feedback upon the efficacy of NLP models in business communication, I felt that they could be improved upon. So, I developed a course which allowed for a more ‘experimental’ syllabus, Licensed Advanced NLP Master Practitioner certification (which was approved by The Society of NLP - Dr. Richard Bandler). I introduced and ran this training in Scotland and Norway between 2011-2014, and during that period, I developed and tested over 100 new communication patterns. The most effective of which were compiled into communication models, each of which had a specific outcome and could be taught in a 1-day module. These were then tested in business environments with Project Managers, Negotiators, Presenters, Complaints Handling Teams, and so forth, over a 2-year period. Since feedback was highly positive, in 2016, I finalised these communication models which are now known as Shillaw Methods. I now teach Shillaw Methods to business people along with delivering bespoke communication trainings and doing executive coaching. 

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