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Shift is not simply a job placement program

While there are a lot of employment services for veterans, we believe that service members who are hungry to launch successful post-military careers deserve something more - an immersive work experience focused on learning, skills development, and networking before you leave the military. Not just a gig and a paycheck, but access to competitive opportunities at the most innovative companies. And a chance to not only try out these opportunities (from Operations Management at Uber to Cybersecurity at MLB) but to rapidly rise up the ranks straight out of the service. Our first fellows are already leading teams at some of the most interesting startups in Silicon Valley.


You are excited about changing careers and are ready for an adventure!

Shift Military Fellows come from all over the country and every branch of the service. But the one thing that our most successful fellows have in common is that they’re willing to try new things and pursue opportunity wherever it resides. Based on feedback from applicants and fellows, our partnerships team is working hard on adding new partners in more cities. We currently have fellowships in: San Francisco, New York City, Washington D.C., and Dallas.

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