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About Us:

S.H.I.F.T stands for Sisters Hoping In Faith Together. We are a Christian faith-based STRONG tribe of women! Established 2017 and built to create a sisterhood and mentorship for all women of different ethnicity’s, and walks of life to execute their purpose. Women are encouraged through prayer, group discussions, pop up events, conferences, and workshops. Each meeting influences growth in every area of each woman's life. S.H.I.F.T applies faith to every situation in their lives while expecting God to lead each woman into their destiny. We aim to be stronger women of God and to be the greatest impact in the world! 

About the Founder of S.H.I.F.T:

Liberian Native Lehlieh Kondeh, moved to Minnesota at the young age of three months old. Her family escaped during the civil war from Monrovia, Liberia barely making it alive. Lehlieh had a life changing encounter with Jesus in 2012, causing her to find purpose and meaning in her life. She devoted her life to the Lord and decided to serve God completely.


Lehlieh then began leading, teaching, preaching, and ministering in song and dance within her first year of giving her life to Christ. She was on fire for God! Years later, Lehlieh founded S.H.I.F.T after the Lord delivered her from a very abusive marriage through the power of her vision board. The Lord laid it on her heart to be available for other women who desired complete healing, faith and sisterhood. Lehlieh grew her strength back in Christ and broke out of the chains of depression in less than five months.

Lehlieh is now a wife and renown world wide minister, and philanthropist, operating boldly in her purpose, unashamed and uplifting women all over the world with her confidence in Christ.



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