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Sherry Finzer

As a classically trained flutist from Rochester, NY, Sherry Finzer has won many awards and competitions. She recorded her first solo album, Desert Journey, with guitarist and composer Ric Flauding, and in 2009 Sherry started her series of new age/healing music on the Heart Dance Records label, titled Sanctuary. The first two releases, Sanctuary and Sanctuary II: Earth, were GRAMMY semi-finalists for Best New Age Album, and are now being played on radio stations around the world. Her latest release is Transformation, recorded with her guitarist Darin Mahoney. The album includes original compositions and arrangements by both Sherry and Darin, and also a song that was written for Sherry by composer Tom Febonio, and won Best Album 2013 from One World Music in the UK.

Sherry uses a variety of flutes on her recordings, including the C Flute, alto and bass flutes, and Native American flutes. She has released 6 solo albums, and 5 with other Phoenix based groups.

Sherry is a Performing Artist for both the Pearl Flute Company based in Japan, and Guo Flutes, based in Taiwan.  She is President/Founder of a not for profit 501C3, the AZ World Music Initiative, an interactive music awareness program for K-5, seniors and those with special needs.

Sherry’s music can be found on Itunes, CDBaby, Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, and many other music download sites. You can follow Sherry on her fan page on Facebook.

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