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Sherri M. Cook

Motivating is Sherri’s primary purpose and divine mission. Sherri’s coaching style allows for one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, and organized group sessions. Sherri provides a “Real-Talk” approach that enables her to connect to the young adult audience. The “Tough Love” approach (with no room for excuses) has been attributed to making several breakthroughs for young men and young women’s ah ha moments; allowing them to begin thinking outside “The Block”. Sherri’s faith is a key factor in her life and understands that her steps are purposely ordered for this mission.

KEOMworks is my brand. KEOM stands for Keeping Each Other Motivated works. KEOMworks is a movement to motivate and encourage individuals to think beyond their comfort zones and generational setbacks to move forward into their designed purpose. It is my strong belief that everyone has a purpose but that purpose is often fogged from our upbringing and / or negative mindsets and societal influences. KEOM focuses on strengthening individuals in areas of accountability, self-worth, entrepreneurship, financial savviness, relationships, job readiness, and overall healthier lifestyles.KEOMworks is working on building communities one individual at a time.


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