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Fur Wale is an author, writer, speaker, media veteran, mentor, behaviouralist, entrepreneur, and proud creator of SHE Talks® .


SHE Talks is a customised platform for women's personal empowerment through public speaking, and the empowerment of the audience and the people they have follow on conversations with. 


Training women to speak credibly with authentic presence, and revel in it, wether it’s a large audience or just that one person.


Fur also mentors RMIT students and student at leading universities across the globe,  non-profit organisations, women footballers, community groups, small business owners, mums wanting to get involved in their community and graduating students ready to share their leading edge message with the globe.  


Fur is a member of a theatre group, currently collaborating on a performance for the Fringe Festival. 


Something surprising about Fur, is that she was the 1st female deckhand in QLD. “The Captain said ‘No’ when I first asked to fill the role. Of-course, he had no choice but to train me and trial me.”  In her first few months, Fur worked alongside the captain to weather one of the largest catamarans through a category 4 cyclone. 


“As an empowered woman, I want to play in the world, and by play I mean connect and interact, celebrate moments and inspire others to their empowered state”


ABOUT Fur Wale as a Mentor - Trainer  You will find me easy to follow and highly passionate. I give a wealth of transformative value. I am attentive to what you need in order to get you the break-throughs that shift you to the next level. I do the real work! I am outcome orientated. No fluffing about. I am-all-in and you need to be also, to be able to get to the finish line.


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