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She Is Destined, LLC

~~~***OUR PURPOSE***~~~

She is Destined is a Women’s Empowerment Networking and Consulting Organization that Educates, Empowers, and Enlighten Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Business. Here at She Is Destined, we want to celebrate life with you and all that God has for you. We want to lock arms with you and guide you through to your Purpose. We want to encourage and empower you through the heartaches and celebrate with your over the victories.


We know that owning your own business as a Woman isn’t easy. We also know that being a Successful Women in business isn’t easy either. We want you to feel a sense of peace knowing that you have women cheering for your success. We want you to experience real life women entrepreneurs and women in business and listen to how they have dealt with their heartaches and how yummy their victories have tasted once overcome!

She is Destined wants you to understand that what God has for you is for you and nothing can stop you from achieving that.


~~~***OUR MISSION***~~~

Our mission is to allow women to raise up for God and see their full potential. We were all created with a purpose, a path paved just for us to fulfill. We must stop hiding, and allowing things to hold us back from living our true potential. All the shame and all the darkness that we tend to shelter ourselves with must go away and the unconditional love and joy that we have access to on a daily need to overwhelm us, and allow us to SOAR. 


~~~***WHO IS SHE???***~~~

An Empowered Entrepreneur specializing in Business Development and Purpose Enlightenment. She is also an Empowerment Speaker and Business Consultant.


Rima Diaz is the Visionary behind She Is Destined, LLC which is a Women's Empowerment Networking and Consulting organization whose purpose is to Educate, Empower, and Enlighten Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Business.


When God put, She Is Destined in her heart a few years ago, she wasn’t sure what she had in store. She knew that all that God has for each woman that connects with her through this Vision would thrive. Rima is blown away by all the Women and Young Girls that she has been able to impact through her faithfulness.

She loves to inspire everyone around her and any chance she gets to share God's love brings her so much joy.  Through her career and entrepreneurship journey; Rima has formed a belief system that if you open yourself up and allow God to lead you; he will ignite the inspiration that sets your soul on fire!

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