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At the young age of 19, Ballog dedicates her time to mentoring, modeling, studying, and producing! She advocates for suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and core character development and she has been doing this for four years. She holds eight certificaitions under five organziations to prevent and become knowledgable of suicide. In the past three years working under a local non-profit charity for suicide prevention and awareness she was awarded many times for showing great leadership skills. Ballog was able to travel alongside this charity to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, New York, Florida, and all across the midwest area of the U.S. 

Modeling and pageantry is a medium for her to reach people from across the community, country, and world.

As founder and CEO of Dragonfly Network, Shawnna works hard to bring everyone together through various activities and events. Dragonfly Network's mission is to educate the world's younger generations on how to be their very own success story; they do this through mentorship, getting involved in community service outtings, and providing many opportunities to dabble in extra curricular activities.  

Under the Miss Earth United States pageant, Shawnna Ballog will be leading the country to knowing the horrible effects humanity has on its animals, themselves, and mother nature. 

Although Shawnna spends most of her time setting up her soon to be non-profit organization, modeling, and preparing for the Miss Earth Pageant, she is a current student studying Veterinary Medicine. She hopes to receive her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at University of Illinois at Urbana, Champagne. 

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