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Founder of Breakfast with Yogis.

At the age of 30, I was sent home with 3 prescriptions and a referral to a chiropractor for debilitating back pain and knee problems, and IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). It was really challenging to walk and be active sometimes.

After contemplating if pain and pills was going to be the rest of my life, I discarded all the prescriptions and met with an alternative chiropractor who made my back better (for a short time) but told me I would probably have to see a chiropractor for life. This was saddening for someone at only the age of 30.

Three years later I moved to London after an unexpected life change and a friend introduced me to Bikram Yoga. Let's just say, me and yoga have been inseparable ever since. After practicing Bikram for about 6 years (on and off) in 3 countries, I began to inquire for more and began Vinyasa flow. I was introduced to Ashtanga and a bit of Hatha and of course core (which some western studios call fitness yoga) and honestly can not go more than a week without a yoga class (if not a day). 

Yoga has changed my life, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I don't take 'any' meds nor have I seen a chiropractor in 13 years. I use herbal remedies for ailments when possible and should I experience any challenges in knees or back or anxiety I head to my yoga practice.

I believe we live and learn to teach and I enjoy sharing my story and yoga training with others in a small effort to help the world heal. 

This is my yoga story! However, by day I am a fashion business professor and marketing consultant, and Phd student. 

Feel free to contact me, I love to chat.

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