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SHARANYA is a federally-recognized Devi Mandir (Goddess Temple) and non-profit organization whose work is spiritual service in and for the world. We are dedicated to the bridging of East and West through (r)evolutionary, embodied spirituality, sadhana (spiritual practice), wisdom teachings, and worship of the Goddess in Her myriad forms. We especially honor Kali Maa, our beloved Dark Mother, as a change agent for our times, recognizing that She resides both inside and outside everyday awareness...helping to transform, empower, and heal individuals, communities, and the planet. Read our mission and vision here to learn more about what we believe possible and how we seek to engage the Great Mystery.

SHARANYA is unique in that we are evolving Shakta (goddess-honoring) spirituality from ancient roots to serve those who seek to know Kali Maa beyond the boundaries of geography and religious dogma. With an authentic lineage in Shakta Tantra (embodied goddess-centered spirituality) and Witchcraft, ours is part of the new religious movement, a syncretism of faith known as Sha'can.

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