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Shane Engedi is Natural Hair Enthusiast based in North Carolina and the Founder and Creator of Natural Collab Fridays, which is an empowerment movement to promote self-love & self- respect with one’s own natural beauty, skin, and hair. In Spring 2012, Shane received her Associate in Arts degree at Wake Technical Community College and later graduated with her Bachelors in Sociology at North Carolina State University. Since her adolescence years, she has struggled with severe breakouts and infections from having eczema--- at times even being hospitalized. As a result, she has been natural for over five years by leaving ALL chemicals and irritants out of her scalp, hair & sensitive skin. Also, she has learned the importance of having effective skincare regimens and products, which is why she reaches out to many hair & skin care companies for resources to help others. Due to her challenges, she was inspired to become enthusiastic about exploring different types of natural hair & products, and explore many skin regimens for sensitive skin. She has been granted the opportunity to volunteer and participate in many natural hair & beauty events/expos throughout the east coast and an empowerment event in  Trinidad & Tobago. In addition, Shane discovered her inner passion for sewing and fashion at 11 years old. She began sewing and drawing her own fashion catalogs in hope of launching her own fashion line in the future. In 2010, Shane created her own fashion line called RetroMayhew that widely consist of accessories, headwraps, and other vintage clothing. She has been slightly active in the fashion community and have attended a few local fashion shows. Overall, She is an entrepreneur who genuinely uses her platform and brand to help others reach their own potential and empower SELF-LOVE around the world.  


In July 2016, Shane created a new trend called Natural Collab Fridays to inspire women and men to “empower each other worldwide with our natural beauty, hair, and skin”. Given her platform, she wanted to use her voice and her resources to help others who may be overlooked and inspire them to find their inner beauty by loving themselves first, and then show the world their natural beauty. Every Friday, she collaborates with many men and women from across the world by posting their photo of choice, their location (state or country), and one word or phrase that describes them on her Instagram page (@ShaneEngedi). Since then, she has featured over 300 collabs from various countries, islands, and states, and her #NaturalCollabFridays hashtag has been used over 3500 times. Shane’s ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to love themselves and then use that self-love to inspire others through their own natural beauty, hair, and skin. In December, Shane started her own Natural Collab Fridays Brand Ambassadors program and has had the honour to recruit an official NCF Brand Ambassador in Sao Paulo Brazil, Canada, and South Africa.  Join her Natural Collab Fridays Empowerment movement by attending her events for the opportunity to mingle and meet naturals, engage in hair talk about routines & types, have exposure to mainstream products & skin regimens and meet your hair twin or buddy while being open-minded and educated on self-love.


Overall, Shane has enjoyed her journey as a Natural Hair Enthusiast, volunteer, and participant in many hair & beauty events. Her ULTIMATE goal is to inspire everyone to love themselves and then use that self-love to inspire others through their own natural beauty, hair, and skin. She continuously plans to reach out to men and women in various countries, islands, and states by posting content every Friday to empower self-love across the world. She believes we are blessed with special talents and those are the talents we can use to empower others in unexpected ways. Join in to support her events that are centered around bringing awareness for self-love and self-respect while embracing one’s own natural beauty, skin, and hair-- this is her goal for this empowerment movement and her platform! 

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