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SGS Satsangh Group, Bay Area, CA

His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, Mysore (India) had been serving fellow humans, helping them with their problems since Sri Swamiji’s childhood. Through miraculous powers, Sri Swamiji was able to understand their situations, knew their past, present, and future and helped them to overcome difficulties.

Sri Swamiji has been helping people in his unique way. People come to His Holiness for help with their worldly affairs, or to get healed of physical afflictions, or for guidance in their spiritual practice. Many come to hear Sri Swamiji’s beautiful and powerful songs, which draw the heart and mind to God or to celebrate the special festivals in the ancient and eternal vedic traditions.

 Sri Swamiji is a great composer of Bhajans/songs. Sri Swamiji has written more than 2000 songs in Samskrit, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi in praise of various deities. Sri Swamiji is endowed with a gifted voice. Sri Swamiji’s bhajan session enthralls a layman and a scholar alike. Sri Swamiji’s collection of poems, Sachchidananda Neeti Mala, Chutuku Sahitya, Vedanta Geetalu in Sanskrit, Kannada and Telugu have been a beacon of light for seekers. They illustrate the essence of life in a very simple and lucid language. More than fifty albums containing speeches and Bhajans of Sri Swamiji have been published so far.

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