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Welcome to SFBay! We are a locally-owned, home-grown, San Francisco Bay Area media startup.

One day we looked up and realized that media at every level in the Bay Area was owned by out-of-town, mostly New York-based companies. In fact, the companies that control most of the news media in the Bay Area are all headquartered literally just blocks from each other in Midtown Manhattan.

The only way we can change this dynamic is by building and supporting locally-owned media companies. That’s our mission at SFBay: To create a fresh media brand in, of and from the Bay Area.

Our team of editors covers the Bay Area with original stories you won’t find anywhere else. SFBay also scours the Web for the best coverage of Bay Area news, sports, culture, events and more. We summarize, enhance and add value to stories from more than 100 Bay Area sources. Our mission is to bring you stories that form the gestalt of life in the Bay Area.

We hope we can count on your support as we work to carry out our mission. is a production of SFBay Media Associates LLC, all rights reserved.

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