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SF Bay Watcher as publisher of social, local San Francisco Bay Area mobile news is focused on developing a new era of local media where the content provided by the publisher does not express an opinion or endorse a political candidate or party but will provide content that is factual, local, entertaining, educational and thought provoking. The publisher will encourage San Francisco Bay Area readers to participate in community discussions and the sharing of opinions through comments, likes and dislikes of stories. The publisher will also encourage sharing of community opinions through voting where the results of the voting are shared with everyone in real-time.

The content provided by San Francisco Bay Area readers will be the only editorial content. That content will be shared and debated among readers in a respectful manner that allows free dialogue and exchange of ideas in a non-threatening environment where divergent views and ideas are respected, shared and discussed. These ideas will be subject of free and open debate among members of the local community where peers can educate and debate peers producing an understand and agreement on how to resolve issues that are important to the Bay Area community.

Reader content will also include contributions of local art, photos and poetry in a section specifically designed for art viewing. Readers can also provide videos. Local organizations and local government will also be able to provide content that informs and provides interesting content for our readers. Local businesses will be encouraged to award prizes to our readers as a means of making the reader experience more enjoyable and a means of introducing their services or products.

The only input that the publisher will have outside of the scope of local news production will be occasional interjections in discussions to fact check and eliminate any derogatory or hurtful or disrespectful text in these community conversations.

SF Bay Watcher believes the role of the journalist is to present facts in an impartial manner and to encourage thought and debate. Our objective is to move away from preaching policy, politics or spinning stories. We believe that presenting news in this fresh manner will encourage our readers to become more closely connected to their community.

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