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The sex KiKi community believes in the power of sex as a healing art. We understand the partnership between sensuality, sexual exploration, and safe sex practices. We reside at the intersection of practicality and pleasure. sex KiKi’s purpose is to step outside of what's considered conventional and bring light to a more explorative take on physical and emotional love. Not only do we aim to teach, but we hope to learn and grow alongside our participants. We provide space for individuals to share their experiences in both a judgment free and supportive environment.

sex KiKi is grounded in 3 main elements that help guide us as we hold space and build community: Intimacy, Empowerment, and Joy.

  • Intimacy, a close sister to vulnerability, is important when creating connections and sustaining healthy relationships. Intimate touch, dialogue, and even thoughts influence how we hold space for the people in our lives.

  • Empowerment, at its core, is abundance, growth, renewal, and safety. It's the healing force of life that's guided by wisdom and instinct. It allows you to care for others because you are able to care for yourself.

  • Joy symbolizes the vitality of life and sexuality. It's the combination of a passionate quest for your desires and the arousal that comes with a successful pursuit.

IG: _sexKiKi

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