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Sevim Surucu

My artworks are inspired by nature and the stunning works of prior Ebru masters. Water is the canvas I use when creating my designs with soil-based natural earth pigments. I believe that there is a rhythm in water that resembles our own. Practicing Ebru Art is clearing your mind, with a deep concentration, any thoughts in your mind is disappear. You are feeling so relax, because of the moving colors and water. Even though watching is gives the same effects to watchers. It is an open door to escape from all the conflicts of our life. It pulls you from this world to your inner world to your soul.

Traditional arts usually goes by master and apprentice, love and practice.As a self taught artist, from the beginning, "love" was my master. Years after years, I have been practicing by myself and also with my students since 2004.

Beside the traditional forms, I am in constant search to find my own contemporary designs from the infinite world of blooming colors.

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