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Servant Keeper Training

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The Servant Keeper Help Desk Team is loved by our customers for the following reasons:

Timely: The mean call length is just three minutes! That's how fast they will help you, and get on with your business. (granted, you may catch us once in a while on a busy day, or just happen to call when a bunch of other people call, but due to our expert agents it's very rare that you will need to be on hold for any length of time).

Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Call Length: We don't restrict you on the number of calls you can make, how long your call is, or who can call from your organization.  We just want to help you get the most out of Servant Keeper and use it for all the awesomeness that it is!

Helpful: Our team usually knows the answer to your question before you even call! They are like a personal Servant Keeper Coach, helping you get the most out of Servant Keeper to benefit your ministry!

Friendly and Cheerful: The manager of the Help Desk team has a huge wall of thank you cards, emails, and letters from customers who appreciate the friendly manner in which the Help Desk team assisted them!

Affordable: Our support is unlimited and is the most affordable support available!  Servant Keeper Support covers all aspects of using the program.  Check-In Support is available also, and is great to help you get up and running and get the most out of that program as well!  Network support is available on a per-call basis, if you should need help or advice on how to get any of our programs to communicate to another computer on your network.

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