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September Surrender


September Surrender

Dallas, Texas at the Night Hotel

September 11th-14th


September Surrender's creator Matiresse Renee, a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix in Dallas, Texas has been involved in the BDSM community as an educator, a party planner, a dungeon owner, and an organizer of various BDSM events across the USA for a number of years, she has traveled the world attending events and has reached the same conclusion each time.... there are things that everyone, including her, LOVED and there are things that really didn't set off emotions, create an atmosphere or add spice to the event. With the explosion of 50 Shades of Grey, some of entertainments most notable stars wearing latex on stage, to premiers and sex positive articles being published in main stream media BDSM and fetish is becoming more open and accepted and not underground anymore. With these recent additions more people are seeking out online forums, groups of likeminded kinksters, local dungeons, events to attend and learn new skills and experience new things on websites such as FetLife and even more mainstream social networking such as Twitter and Facebook.

"Everyone wonders why in the world would someone want to experience these things, experience pain or experience being restrained and the simple answer is 'A controlled sense of fear.' It's the same reason you get on the ride at Six Flags, you're scared, and you know that something could go wrong and you could be hurt but it's that fear that makes it fun. The mind is conditioned to enjoy a controlled sense of fear. Kink is coming out of the shadows. It's time for everyone who has an interest in it to experience it in a healthy, positive and enlightening way. It's not about sex or abuse it's about the mental response to a feeling. The smell of leather, the look and feel of latex, the loss of control or any number of fetishes or ‘Kinks’ as many in the lifestyle refer to them. Studies have shown that more than 1 in 5 people have used some form of bondage and or restraints in the bedroom and even more than that have engaged in power dynamics behind closed doors. It's time to share this wonderful world that has brought so much joy to my life with those that are interested, and do it in a classy, stylish way at September Surrender." - Maitresse Renee


September Surrender's vision is to take the best things about kink and BDSM and create a totally unique and one of a kind event format in Dallas, Texas. Attending a BDSM event in Surrender's eyes is supposed to bring emotions to the surface, it's supposed to excite and tantalize the senses, you’re supposed to enjoy yourself, learn new techniques from experienced players, discover new fetishes & things about yourself and most importantly have a good and memorable time.


With each event and convention Maitresse Renee has attended she's either loved the parties that were held and hated the classes or loved the classes and hated the parties and performances. It's been very hard to find a "Happy medium" and mix that excitement along with the much needed BDSM education. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened, it's just not the norm with a kink convention.

September Surrender at the Night Hotel in Dallas, Texas is her solution to this problem. September Surrender is a hotel take over centered around a venue that will excite you, help release your "Alter ego" and best of all nurture those emotions and feelings that make kink fun. Mix those aspects of Surrender with quality instructors, 80+ hands on classes, 2 night club venues, 3 different fetish evenings, some of the biggest names in the fetish and burlesuqe industry, thriving nightlife, latex lagoon pool parties, interesting and fun attendees from all over the world and you have the ingredients for something truly epic.

Join us this September and "Let your alter ego take hold..... Surrender the night!"

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