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Sensuous Revival

Sensuous Revival is a creative expression by Deirdre Justine to revive the senses that have been abandoned. She lives to share every modality that she has personally experienced to help others heal and connect with their Self. Through talk, touch and movement she is able to create sacred, safe space for others to explore what is within. Keynote speaking or private consulting (Talk) are effective ways to share her own story in overcoming old, negative belief systems. Skin & body work have been a steadfast part of her personal development to connect with clients on a very personal level. While Yoga & dance are a pure expression with sound and movement to allow the body to express it's energy and make space for healing.

Sensuous Revival
Talk | Touch | Movement

1. relating to or affecting the senses rather than the intellect.

1. restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.

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