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Sensei Fred Louis

Sensei Fred Louis Yodan, 4th. Degree Black Belt, Founder of Zenbei Martial Arts Academy I have been involved in judo since I was a young boy, and my judo instructor was Donald Duke, 5th degree black belt, Godan, New Orleans Police Department, Los Angeles. Sensei Duke was a great mentor, coach and role model. I fell in love with judo, which grew into great passion. Judo, in conjunction with my loving family and their support in my endeavors, is responsible for the person I am today. My professional career was in Utah law enforcement with the Salt Lake City Police Department for 20 years. Now, I have retired from Law Enforcement after 28 years of service and my goal in life is to share and educate students about the positive character values of Judo. With 40 years of experience in Judo instruction, I insist that my classes follow the United States Judo Association’s rules of conduct, which include a strict code of sportsmanship, mutual respect of your opponent, and behavior, protecting both opponents from injury. I want to use Judo as the vehicle to develop strong individuals mentally, physically and socially. I hope and it is my goal to be a positive force in your judo career and life. I want to see you and every student in the Zenbei Martial Arts Academy become successful in this new journey you have started. One of the principles of Judo is Mutual Welfare and Benefit. We are here to help one another, be constructive citizens, and contribute to our family, friends and the community we live in.
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