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SecureSet is a cybersecurity education company focused on teaching the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. 

With a mission of transforming and securing the world, SecureSet helps offset critical skills gaps in the cybersecurity field through immersive, comprehensive education programs that rapidly produce highly trained, relevant, up-to-date professionals. Founded in the wake of a profound shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, and increasingly sophisticated onslaught of threats worldwide, SecureSet’s hands-on approach ensures graduates have immediate, in-demand skills to protect against the latest threats in an accelerated time frame. 

SecureSet has campuses in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO. Our sister bootcamp Flatiron School teaches our cybersecurity curriculum at campuses in NYC and Washington D.C.


*Due to COVID-19, all of our events are currently being offered in a virtual format. Please see individual event descriptions for details and access information. Campus Tours are temporarily unavailable, however we offer Info Sessions where you can meet our staff and ask all the things.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events