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Seamless Coaching Service

 Helping Exceptional Professionals Become Extraordinary Business Leaders

Seamless Coaching Service was established in 2006 to provide individuals and organizations with education and knowledge necessary for continuing professional and business success. Seamless Coaching Service is the premier coaching and consulting firm for individual career planning and service-based businesses, serving thousands through coaching, training, seminars, workshops and speaking engagements. Our company, staff and clients strive to live lives of abundance – financially, personally and in their careers.


As an executive coach, published author and certified trainer, Charlene Parlett is an expert at guiding business owners, corporate executives and managers to become successful leaders. She helps driven people achieve balance in their lives and floundering people find their drive. She has a gift for breaking down the walls between knowledge and action and puts people on the path to success. An expert in conflict resolution and business practices and processes, Charlene is a powerful and professional coach. Her specialties include leadership/soft skills, confidence building, marketing, strategic planning and assisting organizations in developing and implementing best practices. She has also worked with coaching organizations to help them develop their own business coaching certification courses. Committed to seeing all types of organizations success, Charlene also donates her expertise as a Organizational Growth Coach to non-profits to help leaders improve their management and leadership skills. Charlene recently independently published two how-to success books Act Now! and Act Next! to help even more business and non-profit leaders achieve their highest potential.


Charlene began her professional career at the National Security Agency as an intelligence researcher. After moving to Savannah, Georgia she began working in the business arena where she delved into all aspects of customer service, sales, financial management and marketing. As marketing director of a multi-million dollar independent office supply and furniture company, she played a major role in doubling the company’s gross sales by being one of the primary writers on their successful bid for both a state-wide and a federal world-wide government contracts. In 2005, she and her business partner built their service business from dream to delivery, so she understands the challenges businesses faced in real terms. Charlene is passionate about constantly improving on what is great to make it even better and instills that passion in others. 

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