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SCRAP Entertainment Inc.

Headquaters: San Francisco

Real Escape Game™ is an interactive, brain-teasing event that pits players against the clock to uncover clues, solve puzzles and escape from a locked room or story scenario. In 2007, it was the world's first attempt at bringing digital escape games into real life and has since become a global phenomenon. Real Escape Games come in a variety of styles, with different game types designed to run in small rooms, stadiums, theme parks or even across an entire city. Over 3.3 million people have already played worldwide, but our goal is to continue expanding our audience and become a household name in live entertainment. With over 30 unique Real Escape Game editions in the US alone and even more abroad, SCRAP Entertainment has something for everyone.

SCRAP Japan, Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has been creating immersive and adventurous puzzle events. In 2007, it produced the world’s first live action game, REAL ESCAPE GAME(REG) in Japan. REGs have been held in Japan and other Asian countries in unique places such as multiple schools, ruined hospitals, amusement parks, stadiums, and churches-and the events have built enthusiasm. In Japan, the series of TV drama, Real Escape Game TV and movies are released. SCRAP is pioneering the new genre of Real World Adventure, which has become a driving force in the world.

The first Real Escape Game in the U.S took place in San Francisco in 2012. Another San Francisco game took place on board a ship, which was a world-first. Also, since the opening the Real Escape Room, Escape from the Mysterious Room, over 6,000 people tried their luck at escaping in the first year. Despite the highly challenging difficulty of 2 % success rate, all tickets are continuously selling out. The events get popular among people who love something unique and cool. Real Escape Game™ is a registered trademark of SCRAP.

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