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Scott Nelowet, CEOfg of French Fry Heaven

Some people follow a linear path in life. They graduate and pursue one field, often with the goal of working for a single company for the rest of their lives. Good for them. Baby, that just ain't me!

Welcome to the dawn of French Fry Heaven, the most butt kicking, cool, fun and awesome idea to seep from this pea brain in years. Expect to see us in NY, NJ, GA, FL, SC, TX, CO, AZ, MA and CA by this time next year! We are taking off and out of control like a Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes road trip; hopefully with a much better ending.


Leadership, staff development, marketing, sales, fun, creativity, success and making people lots of money.

Oh, and I still speak in the field of education where I was a dominant education leader and can still transform any school into a success machine inside of a few weeks.

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