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School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin

The School of Physics has a long and distinguished history of teaching and research. Richard Helsham, the original Erasmus Smith's Professor, was the first to lay out Newton's methods in a form suitable for the undergraduate and his book 'Lectures in Natural Philosophy' was in use for a hundred years in the College and elsewhere in Europe. Later holders of the chair include G. F. Fitzgerald, famous in relativity theory, and E. T. S. Walton, the only Irish recipient of a Nobel prize in Science.

An elegant, dedicated Physical Laboratory building was completed in 1906 and, with the Sami Nasr Institute for Advanced Materials (SNIAM), completed in 2000, houses the central part of the School today. Excellent modern facilities for teaching and research are now provided over a number of buildings including CRANN, a state of the art centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology research.

The School currently consists of a very lively community of over 200, including 27 academic staff and approximately 60 postdoctoral fellows and 85 graduate students, representing many different nationalities.

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