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***  Thank you very much for your interest in the tours of the Superman Building. We are overwhelmed with all of your enthusiasm. We apologize for the limited number of tickets. Scheduling of these tours around the holidays has been a challenge. We are working on additional dates in January and February. Please be patient with us as we attempt to get more people into the building.


There’s nothing more Rhode Island than our iconic Superman Building. Rhode Island's tallest building and the most distinctive structure in Providence’s skyline, Superman is a towering symbol of commerce, pride, and possibility.


The Superman Building has stood dark and vacant for too long.  As a community, we have much to lose from the building's current vacancy, but we also have a tremendous amount to gain from its redevelopment. We can revitalize this spectacular building and once again make it the beating heart of our state’s vibrant urban core.


Now is the time to Save Superman!

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