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SAS Colorado Alumni Chapter

There are 31 SAS Alumni Chapters located across the United States. These chapters provide networking opportunities for alumni in their own communities and also serve the specific needs of Semester at Sea in areas in which volunteers are needed.

Throughout the year, the chapters host “Bon Voyage/Welcome Home” events to welcome home past voyagers and send off new voyagers. This is a great opportunity to meet other local alumni, reminisce with your shipmates, and help prepare the new voyagers and their families for the journey of their lifetime. You are an invaluable resource to those preparing to sail, no matter when you sailed! In addition, Chapters host social events and Founders’ Day events.

Important: We develop our chapter lists based on the zip code of the address(es) we have on file for you. If you feel you’ve received messages in error or none at all, we may not have your current address. Please update your contact information through our website or by emailing us at