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I'm Sarah (aka The Spiritual CEO)!

I'm an intuitive clairaudient channel, certified yogi, energy healer, and Self-Mastery + 5D Manifesting Coach to women entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries on the spiritual path.

Basically, in a nutshell, I help awakened boss babes on a mission heal/clear energetic blocks and karmic patterns to step into the lifestyle and business they truly crave while making a huge impact with their gift.

My teachings and coaching programs are based on Soul Work in the form of inner child healing, shadow work, energy healing, and spiritual/mental alchemy as well as 5D manifestation techniques to 10X your manifesting abilities for your life + business.

 ✨Spiritual alchemy=the process of transforming and refining your personality by understanding and integrating Spiritual Laws into your daily life in a practical way.

 ✨Mental alchemy=the process of transmuting your thoughts and belief systems to expand your mind and perceptions and clear blocks that keep you playing small or feeling stuck.


xx Sarah

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