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Sara Valentin

Hi my name is Sara Valentin . I am 36 years old a sick mother fighting Bone cancer, arthritis, fybromalgia, high blood pressure, back and neck herniated disc, prolapse bladder, asthma, leg syndrome Hiv aids and many more sicknesses and diseases. Sara's Inspirational Angels made me a strong, positive, visionary women. When I started this program I started with a passion to save lives,  educate and inspire. Help us with Donations for our Hiv-Aids event. Let voices be heard from someone living the disease, low income based, disabled, a mother of 4 children fighting all kinds of causes but determined to save other lives because I was a victim of this deadly disease Hiv-Aidssince the age of 20 years old from the father of my 2 youngest children and my husband for 8 years. I did not know he was positive. He was positive 10 years prior of starting a relationship with me. I want to make a difference and stop the spreading of s.t.d's, by education the community and encouragement so that they can get tested before they have sex or do not have it at all. S.t.d's don't have a face figure and by saying that I mean you can not tell who is diseased or not. My mission is to have a  huge impact in community lives inspiring them with my story and helping save many lives on youth, seniors and community people  that are out there having unprotected sex because of the lack of education , prostitution, and going down the wrong path. Help me make a difference Help donate. Sara's Inspirational Angels I'll also compensate your Donation and bake for you and your organization depending on the amount of tickets you purchase, donations you give, contributions you provide and services you can help us with. You can get tickets for also donation supplies, and other things we need. please help is collection gifts for our event so that we can take Christmas to youth and family's of all ages that can not have a Christmas because they are with their loved one. thank you Sara Valentin Ceo 

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