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It has been argued severally and in different quarters that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. That they lack the necessary prerequisite skills such as problem solving, team spirit, communication and interpersonal skills that are required to function in the workplace efficiently. This gap is what the Career Lane initiative is set to bridge!


Career Lane is an initiative of the social enterprise unit of Service Desk Ltd. a business process outsourcing firm that specializes in offering sales and marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses. The bottom-line deliverable of the initiative is to reduce the overwhelming statistics of unemployed youths in Nigeria to the barest minimum.



This agenda is the fulcrum of our programs and projects. Our projects have a two-ended strategy; one end targeted towards equipping the workforce with the right skill set needed in today’s highly competitive workplace, the other end is creating avenues for employment. A two day capacity development programme to achieve the former  held on the 25th and 26th of august 2014 at the University of Lagos with 962 attendees. It was a huge success based on the transformational experience testimonials we have been receiving.

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