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Santuario Cucina


Santuario Cucina is a space which will be hosting culinary experiences, workshops – especially pasta making and Italian inspired events, but also cookbook launches, kitchen video production and photoshoots; anything it has to do with real, authentic, handmade food. 

We will also explore this space bringing all different forms of art such as music, film and design in which food will be at the centre. 

Why Santuario? We believe that the eating ritual around the table is sacred, and all the food which will be cooked and prepared will be made completely from scratch and with the best quality ingredients. That's how we have been brought up and that's how we would like to become older. Simple, beautiful, nurturing ingredients eaten around a long dining table.

The space is inclusive and for everyone, from older people to toddlers, Asian to African, tall to short, etc. we will feed everyone who will come through that hidden space at the heart of Santos.   



Alessandra is a Sicilian cook and food enthusiast, an even better eater, who specialises in pasta making and food experiences. She is a firm believer that food and cooking should be a source of nourishment, conviviality, environmental awareness, and most of all – pleasure!

She has been running events for the past 7 years for parties and festivals from small to larger groups up to 500 people. All her events are bespoke as she brings her passion for authentic food, love of people coupled with attention to details that make for an unforgettable experience. Recently she went back to Italy for a year to reconnect with her roots, learn more about food and mastered in pasta making. You can find her “delicious” journey on Instagram as @thesicula_project, aka the girl from Sicily, for pasta recipes, exclusive events and inspiration.

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