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Sandra Owen Creative

My name is Sandra Owen, and I am a Creative Coach, Woodwind Teacher and Grief Recovery Specialist.


Reconnect with your 'Inner child', reiginte your creative imagination and boost Self Confidence and Self Belief through my Creative Personal Development courses. 


100% of clients recommend Creative Personal Development.

  • Steph said, "It's like a Spa for your brain!"
  • Sam said, "It was like opening my head up and installing a load of new software. Now I'm unstoppable. It's Fantastic!"
  • Pauline said: "This is by far the best ever course. Worth every penny."


What is it that attracts people to the courses?


The search within themselves for a more fulfilling life, to regain Self Confidence and overcome emotional blocks.

To reignite their imagination and reconnect with their 'Inner child.


If you're experiencing grief, stress or loneliness, creative mindfulness is an amazing, powerful yet gentle way to release emotional blocks.


I have also taught clarinet, saxophone, flute, beginner piano and music theory for over 24 years. So if learning a musical instrument is something you've always wanted to do, then please ask about lessons. 

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