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Oh Yeeepeeeeeeee!!!! I really feel very privillaged to be connecting with you via this platform. Thank you for allowing me a space in your eWorld. I doff my cap for you! Here is a little about me. I bet you would want to know more about me Oh yea!, I am the first coach you should call if you want to master the art and business of writing and public speaking. Once you become keen on mastering how to utilize Social Media to gain Influence and build Wealth, I am the one to contact. These days I travel around the country organising and speaking at public speaking and writers workshops. I spend time working with organisations and individuals who really want to use Social Media like Pro. I also accept invitations to speak in several events, and radio stations. I'm a Newspaper Columnist with AMEN Newspaper where thousands read my words I've published books both locally and internationally; physical books and ebooks. It might surprise you to know that I studied Computer Engineering in the University. Those five years were war for me! Much like a square peg in a round hole. Like a dove in a cage. Thank God I am free now to spread my wings and live my audacious dreams! I spend my time teaching, speaking at events, writing, praying, coaching, working on social media or creating digital products with my Laptop and Tablets. I am a certified Google Online Marketer. I have a passion to see people make money from their unique giftings. That's why I write books, speak at events, offer courses and consult for organisations. Currently I am helping a lot of individuals live fuller, richer and more productive lives. Hear what some of them are saying about my programs: " You're really a genius in what you do and love doing. I'm really touched by the wisdom that emanates from your headwork. I just realized I'm way too behind in my thinking abilities. I've gotten little tips which I MUST work on to achieve more this year. The class was amazing and I will work with you closely to achieve my set goals this year. Thank you so kindly sire, I appreciate." ---Emmanuel, Anambra state. "The class was awesome, challenging and it's also served as an eye opener to soar successfully in every spheres of life... Thanks I appreciate it" --- Awelewa Oluwadunsin Ruth Ijeshatedo surulere Lagos "Very impactful. It awoke all the potentials in me and made me realise the specialty in me. God bless and keep you" ------- Comfort Ifeyinwa "From the lessons I've got in this Masterclass, I would like to say that I am lifted from where I was, to somewhere close to where I am going" ------Eke Celestine "You really need to be here to understand the Business aspect of Public Speaking and communication. Amazing outing" --------- Ikechukwu Obiekwe It would be my sincere pleasure to work with you in achieving your personal and organisational goals. I like eating Egusi soup and pounded yam, especially when there is plenty fresh fish!!! I'll be getting married soon to my most beautiful girlfriend. I have a gift worth N5000 for you! Click to gain FREE access to it Want to chat me up via Whatsapp? Click I Love You

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