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SalsaKnox Dance Company

So you want to learn how to dance?

You have found a great place to start. Salsaknox provides the novice with all the required information to make the transformation from spectator to participant. If you know how to walk and climb stairs, then you have already mastered many of the necessary fundamentals of salsa dance. With a little bit of study and practice, the transformation from dance floor observer to active participant will be complete.

Salsa dance, in fact, offers a plethora of side benefits that extend far beyond movement in time to the music. Salsa dance works its magic in a host of ways. It offers respite from a sedentary lifestyle and provides an excellent cardio-vascular workout. It opens a world of social possibilities. It improves self-confidence and posture. It provides an outlet to the frustrations of everyday life.

Salsaknox instructors presents lessons designed to ensure solid fundamentals, important signals, proper lead and follow, overall technique, high energy salsa footwork, body movement and styling. Footwork will be challenging, so be ready to work hard and burn a few calories!

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