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Saint Lucia National Youth Council

The Saint Lucia National Youth Council is a democratic and independent non-governmental organization of over 150 youth and student organizations which represents the interest and ideals of Saint Lucia’s young people. The Council was established on April 14, 1985, at the conclusion of an International Youth Year (IYY) National Youth Consultation on the problems affecting youth. In 1997, the Saint Lucia National Youth Council Incorporation Act was passed in Parliament, making the Council the legal and legitimate body representing youth throughout the island. One of Council’s main objectives ‘to promote the active participation of youth in the economic, social, cultural, and political life of Saint Lucia’ has been a driving force towards the development and implementation of proper programmes for youth. Some of these programmes are focused on: Leadership Training Skills Training Cultural Development Environmental Awareness Student Movement Education and Advocacy Employment and Youth Enterprise Women and the Development Process Community Development and mobilization These programmes are diverse and seek to address a wide range of societal concerns, issues and problems. The level of training received by our membership has enabled individuals to take up key positions and roles in government, the private sector and other non-governmental organizations, as well as producing individuals on both sides of the political spectrum. In addition, the Council is responsible for there being a National Youth Policy, a National Youth Month (April), a National Youth Day (April 14), a National Youth Parliament and a National Youth Awards Ceremony. The Council therefore has become a very vibrant and well respected national organization in Saint Lucia and sits on numerous boards and committees appointed by the Government and other institutions in Saint Lucia.

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