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Sacred Heart-St. Patrick Parish

From May through October, Sunday Masses are held at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church as per the Strategic Pastoral Plan.

As of Sunday, May 30, we are no longer requiring registrations to attend Mass! If you’re still interested in receiving updates on Mass policies and receiving other communications from the Parish, you are encouraged to sign up for Evangelus at the link on the Parish website (

As most of you know, recently some pandemic-related policies and directives were changed or relaxed in our Diocese, City, and County. Below are some highlights of our Parish’s response and updates. The main points are in bold:

MASKS & DISTANCING: Wearing face coverings and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance is highly encouraged for unvaccinated persons. Those who are fully vaccinated don’t need to wear a mask and observe distancing, but they are still welcome to do so if they wish, especially if they have concerns about their health and the health of others. This is a good time to point out that, just because someone is wearing a mask, doesn’t mean that they aren’t vaccinated – there are valid reasons why some choose to wear a mask even if vaccinated. Remember, if you are not feeling well, you are encouraged to stay home, out of concern for safety for others. The obligation to attend Mass is still lifted in our Diocese.

ENTRANCE & SEATING: Doors open for seating beginning at 20 minutes before Mass time. When you arrive at church, everyone is asked to enter through the front, main doors of the church. (Those who have trouble navigating the steps of the front entrance may use the side entrance, which also has a chairlift available.) Ushers will be available to greet you and provide guidance with regards to seating.

The two sides of church will have different spacing expectations: St. Mary’s side (L) will have no pews roped off or restrictions on seating. St. Joseph’s side (R) will have every-other-pew roped off, and households shall maintain 6 feet of distance in the pews.

Attendees can now seat themselves, on either side of the church as per their comfort level. Again, ushers will be available, but more as guides.

COMMUNION: The procedure for the line for Holy Communion will be different due to the different sides of church. Now all of St. Joseph’s side (L) will come forward to receive, using one communion station, and then all of St. Mary’s side (R) will come forward. More details will be provided at Mass.

We look forward to seeing you at Mass!

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