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Ryn Gargulinski | Coach, Reiki Master, Writer, Artist | Rynski Recovery Club

Ever feel like your life is missing a certain something, or that everyone else has a magic formula for living that you somehow missed? So did I. 


I went through the same old motions doing the same old things, feeling like I was missing out on that certain something that would make my soul whole and my life complete. 


Even AFTER I quit drinking and had been following a strong recovery plan for more than a decade, there was still a tinge of uneasiness and a ton of annoyance. 


I later learned I had still been holding tight onto deep-seated fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits and a batch of lies that had been engrained since I was a child. Maybe you are, too. 


 But I finally broke free – once and for all – when I found coaching. And you can, too.


Coaching goes beyond anything I had ever experienced, and I JUST HAD TO share this freedom with others. I became certified as a professional life, recovery and SHE RECOVERS coach so I could do exactly that.


Get Your Dazzle Back 


My life and recovery coaching helps you get your DAZZLE back. DAZZLE is that innate sense of wonder, curiosity and awe with which we’re all born. It’s what makes you wake up smiling – even on a Monday. You’ll get: 


  • Freedom from the past
  • Joy in the present
  • Game plan for the future 


You’ll also get art and Reiki incorporated into your sessions if you wish, along with that sense of wholeness and peace you’ve been craving your entire life. 


Whether you want to break free of an addiction, an obsession, unhealthy relationships, self-sabotaging behaviors, depression, doubt or all of the above, Rynski Coaching is the place to do it.


Set up a free 30-min consultation and/or come to one of my coaching workshops.


Hope to meet you soon! 

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Tucson Monthly Rynski Power Coaching Workshops 

Fourth Thursday of the month

6 to 7 p.m. | Lighthouse City YMCA, Tucson

Advance registration required.


Online Monthly Rynski Power Coaching Workshops 

First Thursday of the month

5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (AZ time) | Zoom video call.

Advance registration required.

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