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Ryan Family Chiropractic Wellness Center

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 Ryan Family Chiropractic Wellness Center
Where Family Wellness Is Essential

RFCWC is a family owned and operated business.  Dr. Tim and his wife, Bobbie Jo, are very excited to be serving their community by bring educational classes, events, and affordable chiropractic care to the community for individuals and families, including children, teens, adults and elderly.  If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone.    (678) 664-4028


 Business Hours


9am -12pm               Monday                 2pm - 6pm
   ~                    Tuesday                       ~ 
9am -12pm            Wednesday              2pm - 6pm
        ~                     Thursday               2pm - 6pm*
9am -12pm                Friday                  2pm - 6pm
9am -12pm*             Saturday                       ~       
*By Appointment Only



Where Family Wellness Is Essential

 Wellness Care - A Great Health Care Plan

In our society today many rely heavily on masking symptoms and believing the problems are resolved because the symptoms are no longer there. But if you take away the medication the symptoms usually return.  When you take a good look at a person who is taking medications their bodies are still in a state of distress.  

Our bodies must compensate for the stress we put it through. Whether it be injuries that have never properly healed or an immune deficiency that is only being worsened by masking symptoms rather than ridding the body of the toxins, and finding the true issue and resolving it.

Many people say they are healthy but can you truly say you are healthy when you are taking a handful of medications and have aches and pains that you’ve just grown accustomed to?

In our office we strive to find the root causes of symptoms of all types, not just  those that cause someone to have the inability to live their normal daily lives. We consider all areas such as diet, exercise, posture, sleep and stress and work with you to do what is best for yourself without costing you an arm and a leg. It is our goal to bring quality health and wellness care to our community while bridging the gaps in understanding what  it truly means to be healthy. 

 Dr. Tim Ryan is a 2004 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate.  He specializes in the following methods/techniques: Activator, Diversified, and Thompson Drop, as well as the Webster Technique for pregnant patients.

 Research has proven that patients who are seeing a Chiropractor for wellness care have a better immune response to illness and heal much more quickly. They are also more likely to have fewer sick days. People of all ages, yes even (and especially) children can benefit from chiropractic care.

Contact our office to schedule a FREE Spinal Screening Today, no strings attached!




Ryan Family Chiropractic Wellness Center    (678) 664-4028


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