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Ruth-Ellen is a 24-year-old soulful singer/songwriter from South London and a member of the SXWKS collective, who has been pursuing her passion for music over the past five years.

Ruth-Ellen has collaborated with artists such as Samuel Cole, Mayonaka, Banwo the Poet, Mr Emotionz  and The Connell Brothers, combining with these artists to create both musical and poetic works of art. Ruth-Ellen has also featured on projects with legends such as the world famous Billy Cobham, for his “Drum N Vocals Volume 4” Album.

Growing up, listening to genres such as classic soul and Gospel was natural. Other influences include a mixture of, hip hop, pop, jazz and contemporary music which has inspired Ruth-Ellen’s fresh melodic approach to her music, showing off her big range and soulful tones.

Ruth-Ellen released her latest project 'Between Two Worlds' in February 2017, which looks further into her purpose and destiny and the struggles that she faces throughout her journey, whilst sharing truths about her life, which relate to everyday situations, which will resonate with all listeners.

Ruth-Ellen also takes her audience on a visual journey with the release of the music videos for both ’40 40 Home’ and ‘Glow’ which are available to watch vie her Youtube channel.

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