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Running A Momathon

Charged with a mission to help women establish balance and accomplish their goals, Running A Momathon is a community organization dedicated to seeing success in every aspect of women's lives: in their daily diva-tude (diva attitude), marriage, motherhood, career and goal pursuits. With the constant challenge being handling all things and doing them well to the glory of God, RAM equips women with the mindset of caring for themselves and pursuing their God-given dreams, while loving their husbands and promoting a family that is loving, unified and progressive in Kingdom-mentality and work. 

Founded by Wife, Running Homeschooling Mother and Pastor's Wife, Christina Garrett, RAM prepares women to tackle the challenges of life with focus on the endless power Jesus Christ gives and the insurmountable strength He has endowed us with. The mission is accomplished through sharing via conferences, workshops, seminars and motivational mentorship/coaching.

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