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Ruiz Financial Solutions, Ltd Co.

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Abdiel M. Ruiz is a builder. He assists small businesses in building a strong financial foundation that will provide them with the tools needed to grow and expand. He also guides individuals in building a legacy of financial freedom for their families in order for them to live comfortably in the present and the future. He has a God-given passion and mandate to assist others in setting their financial houses in order through teaching money management, stewardship and accountability.

The wisdom he imparts in one-on-one sessions or group trainings and seminars shed light into the darkness of poor stewardship, greed and gross mismanagement of finance that restricts believers from moving forward in building personal legacy for their children and their children s children. Speaking of legacy, when God gave the biblical mandate in Genesis to be fruitful and multiply, Abdiel and his wife Rose took it seriously. They celebrate God s blessings by joyfully raising Kingdom Champions and next generation leaders Jasmine, Victoria, Matthew, Madeline and Timothy.

He has trained Pastors, congregation members, Christian entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and small business owners how to effectively run their businesses and financial households with integrity, dignity and godly character in order to bring their spending, savings and surplus into alignment with the disciplines of faithful stewardship.

Abdiel M. Ruiz is the President of Ruiz Financial Solutions where he equips over 200 small business owners and/or individuals daily with the financial solutions to build their businesses and legacies with a solid financial foundation thus increasing profitability, growth and expansion.

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