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Roots Movement Retreats

Sisters, Imesia & Sheena Ewan, created Roots Movement Retreat to encourage us all to come back to our roots. What makes you – YOU? We all have a story to our lives that has brought us to the present. Our stories become the lens through which we view life. Becoming present to that lens and learning to come alive and make conscious choices from your personal place of power is the ROOT we will water. 

We invite you to where our blessings began to take root – to the hills, valleys, the sun and sea of Jamaica. We have found ourselves coming back to our heritage and roots for healing time and time again without realizing just how powerful our ancestry is. The spiritual strength of a people oppressed. To not lose one’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical strength, our ancestors relied on each other, on the earth, on the sky, and the foods that continue to nurture and restore our wellbeing as close as possible to its natural state. We are being asked by our spiritual guides and ancestors to pass on their learnings, traditions while incorporating our own learnings from this lifetime.

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