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Roolz Academy

When Roolz Academy first started, the motivation is simple and straight forward; We want to teach Technology to kids and teens. We want them to start learning how to code.

Why? Because today kids are growing up in a different world to the one we knew when we were a kid. Like it or not, technology like smart phone, computers, YouTube, and Facebook are embedded in their daily lives. Our reliance on technology will only increase and these kids of today must be able to not only passively consume this technology, but also to understand and control it, becoming an active part of this huge digital shift. Familiarizing kids with technology when they are young is vital to their future success. 

At Roolz Academy, even though we are not educator by profession, we are a team with a passion for education. We believe with our year of experiences in technology, will help us to teach, motivate and inspire young learners about future technology. We are passionate to give all we have, to help and to see the world outside our front-doors change.

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