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Rookie Traveler Adventure Tours

Rookie Traveler Adventure Tours began in 2013 by a broke college student that saved every nickel to travel but then couldn't convince friends to tag along.  When looking for a tour company to go with they offered little adventure for a lot of money. It was then that Rookie Traveler Adventure Tours was born to provide affordable, fun,  and a little unconventional travel alternative.

The logo is the symbol of freedom. Freedom from living the status quo, freedom from close mindedness, freedom from the stress of your everyday life even if its only for the length of your tour. The circle is meant to represent totality, wholeness, eternity, and timelessness.  

​ We want as many people as possible to have life changing experiences by taking the daring step into the world of backpacking. As you take your footprint around the world, with us or on your own, we challenge you to leave an impact. Push a little harder and dig your footprint a little deeper.  Give back to the communities that will give you life changing experiences and memories. Rookie Traveler Adventure Tours values adventure, spontaneity, culture, curiosity, and respect.  Most of all, we value making a difference in the lives of our backpackers and in the lives of others! So pack light, travel hard, and live more! 

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